[MacPorts] #53022: opencv @3.1.0_6+python34: Portfile broken for variant +python34

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Tue Dec 6 15:23:54 CET 2016

#53022: opencv @3.1.0_6+python34: Portfile broken for variant +python34
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Component:  ports    |    Version:  2.3.4
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 On macOS 10.11 I installed opencv +python34, but the portfile causes
 python35 and friends to be installed (alltough for py34 everything is

 me at mymac> sudo port install opencv +python34
 --->  Computing dependencies for opencv
 --->  Dependencies to be installed: py35-numpy py35-cython python35
 py35-nose py35-setuptools

 Furthermore, the stuff is then installed in .../3.5/lib/python3.5/site-
 packages where my python 3.4 scripts don't find them.

 Compared to earlier versions of the Portfile (opencv @3.1.0_4+python34),
 instead of explicit variant descriptions, the current one (opencv
 @3.1.0_6+python34) contains some loop over python versions
 set pythonversions {3.4 3.5}
 foreach pdv ${pythonversions} {
     set pv [join [lrange [split ${pdv} .] 0 1] ""]
     set conflist ""
     foreach v ${pythonversions} {

 which apparently does not work as expected.

 Workaround: delete '3.5' from the 'pythonversions' list to get a working
 "+python34" variant.

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