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#53038: nvm @0.32.1: New port submission
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 Keywords:              |       Port:  nvm
 I have created a Portfile for NVM, a version manager for Node.  It differs
 from a normal install of NVM in the following ways:

 * NVM and NVM-managed version of Node are stored in `$prefix/lib/nvm`
 instead of `~/.nvm`
 * NVM does not need to be initialized in `~/.profile`.  Instead, a script
 stored at `$prefix/bin/nvm` intercepts calls to `nvm`, and runs `nvm.sh`
 before passing control to the `nvm()` shell function.  This process is
 less efficient, but greatly simplifies the use of NVM with `sudo` and
 multiple user accounts.

 Suggestions and criticisms are greatly appreciated!

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