[MacPorts] #51599: main.log is never deleted with "keeplogs yes"

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Sat Dec 10 03:58:03 CET 2016

#51599: main.log is never deleted with "keeplogs yes"
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 Component:  base        |    Version:  2.3.99
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Comment (by jmroot):

 Isn't the entire point of that setting to prevent logs from being deleted
 by clean? I don't see the bug here. If your concern is that there is no
 way to delete logs, `port clean --logs` does that.

 For reference, the responsible code in portclean.tcl is
 if {(([info exists ports_clean_logs] && $ports_clean_logs eq "yes") ||
 ($keeplogs eq "no"))
         && !$usealtworkpath} {
 and the basic logic there has not changed since 2009 with

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