[MacPorts] #52992: fluid-soundfont: add new sound fonts

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#52992: fluid-soundfont: add new sound fonts
  Reporter:  mojca                               |      Owner:  RJVB
      Type:  submission                          |     Status:  new
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      Port:  fluid-soundfont-gm_gs fluid-        |
  soundfont-gu_gs                                |

Comment (by RJVB):

 I'm fine with a separate port for the complete GeneralUser soundfont. I'd
 publish them both at the same time though. YMMV, but I find it gives much
 better sound quality in general than the soundfonts Debian provides.

 I also forgot most of the details of what I did already :-/ but I had a
 look at my own TiMidity port. I cannot see any patch or configuration
 option to have it expect its config file under ${prefix}/share/timidity so
 for now I *presume* that's the default. We'll take that bridge when we get
 to it.

 > So please let me know if you are OK [...]

 Yes. The only suggestion I have would have (which would speak for
 publishing both ports at once) is to integrate with the `port select`
 mechanism. I see that I have a symlink `000Default.sf2` in my soundfont
 directory which allows applications that use alphanumeric sorting of a
 selection of soundfont files to pick up a specific one as the preferred
 Of course we can also do that later, when the exact need for this kind of
 thing becomes clear.

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