[MacPorts] #53122: gpgme : upgrade to 1.8.0 and +qt5 variant

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#53122: gpgme : upgrade to 1.8.0 and +qt5 variant
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 This is an upgrade for port:gpgme to bring it to 1.8.0 and also introduce
 a +qt5 variant so that future KF5 ports can use its QGpgME library.

 Surprisingly gpgme 1.8 introduces a number of missing function
 declarations which apparently were declared properly in 1.7.0 (or not
 used). We may want to notify upstream, but maybe we should first figure
 out the best fix. The current implementation provides the missing
 prototypes, as I am not sure what the effect would be of using an
 alternative (better?) fix: `configure.cppflags-append
 -D__DARWIN_C_LEVEL=200112L`. There are also a few cases where I could use
 a proper fix (add a missing strings.h header and use the `qstrdup()`
 equivalent of `strdup()` in Qt code).

 Similarly, the CMake files need correction of the shared library
 extension, something done currently in the post-destroot but that probably
 ought to be reported upstream as it wasn't required in the earlier

 The QGpgME library is call `libqgpgme` by default, which unfortunately is
 the same name used by the equivalent (but Qt4-based) library provided by
 port:kdepimlibs4 . The current proposal avoids this through a patch of the
 build system that renames the library to `libq5gpgme`, rather than
 figuring out how to change that port once more to allow co-existence. This
 has been tested and seems to work for me.

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