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#53131: drumstick, vmpk (virtual midi piano keyboard): new ports
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Comment (by mojca):

 Nice, I didn't check your repository before starting either. There is
 absolutely no hurry, I'll need to take some time to test your ports as

 I tested `drumstick-vpiano` and it seems to be crashing once I press a
 button. The crash logs contain some references to `libc++`, but I'm not
 sure where exactly they come from. At least the version 1.0.2 compiles
 against `libstdc++`. Apparently I'll have to test on a newer OS. Just
 curious, why does your port use the `cxx11` portgroup? I can imagine that
 this is indeed the only way to make it work, but I would like to
 understand. (Maybe version 1.1.0 is the one that requires C++11?)

 I added drumstick just because I vmpk asked for `drumstick-rt` during

 Without testing anything, you might perhaps have any clue why
 is needed to find `Qt5LinguistToolsConfig.cmake`. That is: why doesn't the
 qt5 PortGroup take care of finding its location or why doesn't Qt5 put the
 cmake files to a more reasonable location? (Let me guess: your patches for
 Qt5 already fix the issue.)

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