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#51668: texlive-texdist: new port
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Comment (by dliessi):

 Replying to [comment:3 mojca]:
 > I'm very happy that you sent this patch. But in my opinion this should
 be part of `texlive-common`. Otherwise people will either forget to
 install `texlive-texmfdist` or keep it installed long after they remove
 `texlive` form MacPorts.

 I would not oppose including this in one of the texlive ports.
 I would even be willing to maintain the relevant part of that Portfile.

 The reason for having a separate port is that I believe most MacTeX users
 will not install TeX Live through MacPorts and most MacPorts TeX Live
 users will not install MacTeX, so this package is probably useless for
 most TeX users on Mac.

 (One of the entries in my to-do list is to ask the author(s) of the
 `texdist` script to put it somewhere online and provide also that script
 via this package, which would motivate a separate package.
 The script is currently available only inside the MacTeX bundles, as far
 as I know.)

 > (I wonder if we really need all the zillion symlinks though. I thought
 the original author had a neat idea to use them somehow, but I imagine
 that nowadays almost the only useful bit is the bin dir.)

 (Indeed, the original author had great plans, and you are probably right,
 but I decided to provide the full directory structure to adhere to the
 informal specification and for consistency with the ones provided by

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