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#51619: qt5.depends_component procedure
  Reporter:  RJVB          |      Owner:  mkae
      Type:  enhancement   |     Status:  assigned
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      Port:  qt5, qt5-kde  |

Comment (by MarcusCalhoun-Lopez):

 Attached is a proposal for {{{qt5-1.0.tcl}}}.

 To address some further questions:
 * {{{qt5-qtbase}}}, {{{qt56-qtbase}}}, and {{{qt5-kde}}} all conflict with
 * {{{qt5X-component}}} depends on {{{qt5X-qtbase}}} (**not** a path
  * this way, there can be only **one** Qt installed at a time
 * qt5.depends_component uses a path dependency
  * this way, a user can install {{{qt5-kde}}} and then install {{{octave
  * this assumes that all the Qts are API compatible
 * when {{{qt5}}} (or {{{qt5-kde}}}) is upgraded and some systems are left
 behind, it is the responsibility of {{{qt5}}} to include, e.g.,
 {{{replaced_by qt56}}} for those systems

 With this setup, I do not believe automatic generation of variants is

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