[MacPorts] #53183: onioncat @0.2.2.r569: binary gcat conflicts with coreutils

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Fri Dec 30 00:41:18 CET 2016

#53183: onioncat @0.2.2.r569: binary gcat conflicts with coreutils
 Reporter:  l2dy        |      Owner:
     Type:  defect      |     Status:  new
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 Keywords:  maintainer  |       Port:  onioncat
 The onioncat port contains gcat which conflicts with gcat in coreutils.
 Which resolution is preferred?

 Citing mojca:
 > Yes. You should either:
 > 1. Add conflicts coreutils to onioncat and conflicts onioncat to
 coreutils and prevent users from having both installed at the same time.
 (This is already the case now, but it is better to make the conflict
 > 2. Resolve the conflict by renaming the gcat binary.
 > And you should probably open a ticket.

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