[MacPorts] #51287: Inkscape crashes on startup if enchant is installed with +applespell

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Wed May 4 05:09:39 PDT 2016

#51287: Inkscape crashes on startup if enchant is installed with +applespell
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Comment (by raimue@…):

 Replying to [comment:7 devans@…]:
 > Same here so it appears to be OS X version dependent.  I can check 10.8+
 but not earlier.

 We could make the default variant OS-dependent, as OS X <= 10.8 should be
 considered legacy anyway.

 > I can use require_active_variants to mandate enchant +aspell but that
 will break the default build on the buildbots if enchant isn't configured
 with aspell by default.  As the port description says, enchant was
 originally designed to use an aspell-like API. I believe this is generally
 the default on most Linux platforms.
 > If applespell didn't break on 10.8, I'd suggest enchant +applespell
 +aspell by default.

 Enabling both +aspell +applespell by default will effectively use aspell
 for everything. The default configuration in `enchant.ordering` prefers
 any other backend over AppleSpell for most languages.

 This upstream report seems relevant:

 Looking only at inkscape, going back to enchant +aspell would be the easy
 solution. The list of dependents of enchant includes gimp2 and
 webkit*-gtk*. However, I am in doubt whether they are actually used more
 often for spell checking than inkscape. Going back to enchant +aspell as
 default would only loose the tighter system integration.

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