[MacPorts] #50697: VLC @2.2.2: build fails when using recently released ffmpeg-3.0

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Wed May 4 12:12:42 PDT 2016

#50697: VLC @2.2.2: build fails when using recently released ffmpeg-3.0
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Comment (by devans@…):

 Replying to [comment:11 rjvbertin@…]:
 > I'd agree to discontinue the port:VLC, but not port:libVLC which is a
 dependency for VLC phonon backends (at least the qt5 version should be
 part of my KF5 ports tree). Those are alternatives for the gstreamer
 backend which are much more complicated in terms of dependencies. Also,
 the VLC backend carries the promise that one day it will allow selection
 of actual audio devices through phonon (rather than just the default
 > Upstream doesn't provide a libVLC that can be used as a dependency.
 > I'm not usually in favour of duplicating things, here VLC's buildsystem
 glue to pull in and build a contrib ffmpeg. However I do wonder if it
 wouldn't be more in line with MacPorts guidelines to trim down the current
 ffmpeg 2.8 port, reconfigure it to build in an appropriate location and
 incorporate it as a subport in port:VLC (port:ffmpeg-VLC for instance).
 With trimming down I of course mean aligning to the contrib build,
 removing all useless variants etc. The maintenance burden would be on me
 and/or anyone else who wishes to help out with port:VLC maintenance.
 > That would at least have the advantage that those of us who build
 port:VLC or port:libVLC from source do not have to pull in and build
 ffmpeg each time.

 I thought about that as well.  This would be a cleaner approach if you'd
 like to do it.  I'd recommend using the structure of ffmpeg-devel as a
 starting point so that you can easily target a specific ffmpeg commit as
 the VLC folks do.  Then you can adjust the licensing to reflect the
 particular content included.  I note that they build ffmpeg with libgsm
 support which would need to be ported as well and possibly has some
 licensing issues.

 If you elect to do this, I would just like to request that you install
 this special ffmpeg version in a unique subdirectory in the MacPorts tree
 so that it doesn't conflict with the stable ffmpeg version.  This way
 people will be able to use libVLC or VLC itself without giving up having
 other ffmpeg dependents as well.

 BTW, the same goes for VLC and libvlc.  It would be nice if VLC just
 depended on libvlc without any conflicts and without rebuilding libvlc

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