[MacPorts] #50950: OpenBLAS @0.2.17_0: "Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64"

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#50950: OpenBLAS @0.2.17_0: "Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64"
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Comment (by nicos@…):

 Additional note: I got the same error when trying to update OpenBLAS to
 0.2.18. Then cleaning the install and rebuilding led to a full install, so
 it is clearly a non-reproducible error.

 To answer my own questions:
 > 1. Are there object (*.o) files in SRCDIR/lapack-netlib/TESTING/MATGEN?
 Yes, the object files are present.
 > 2. Could you post the following files here (after build failure)?
 > - SRCDIR/Makefile.conf
 > - SRCDIR/lapack-netlib/make.inc
 No sign of any NOFORTRAN symbol.

 It therefore seems to be an error either in ar when building the static
 library which misses symbols, or a linking issue when making the dynamic

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