[MacPorts] #51346: nou.nc: "default" host for New Zealand: ping succeeds, HTTP times out

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Mon May 9 17:23:51 PDT 2016

#51346: nou.nc: "default" host for New Zealand: ping succeeds, HTTP times out
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 Component:  server/hosting  |    Version:  2.3.4
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Comment (by macports@…):

 TL;DR: It appears `nou.nc` is now responding to HTTP requests again.  I
 don't yet know why it wasn't before.

 Thanks for the prompt response, and confirmation that `host_blacklist`
 should contain the full domain name.

 The blacklist ''did'' work for me, in my "try all plausible options" list;
 I didn't do an A/B test of "short version" vs "long version" to figure out
 which was needed.  Possibly the documentation and/or config file default
 could say "list the full domain name here".

 The `nou.nc` also just worked for me now, from New Zealand.  So, possibly
 someone was able to fix something, or possibly it's less loaded: so far I
 haven't heard back from the mirror admin either way yet.

 Thanks for the "access MaxCDN node by IP to find out where it is" tip:
 `You are hitting the MaxCDN Los Angeles Datacenter`.  So it is West Coast
 North America as I'd guessed from the RTT time.


 PS: I created a ticket in case others were experiencing what seemed to be
 a persistent problem (lasted at least an hour of me debugging it between
 doing other things).  And because it wasn't obvious how to contact the
 mirror operator.  ProTip: Turns out one needs to log into the MacPorts
 Wiki in order to see the email address to contact for the mirror operator.
 (Which I figured out only after I'd logged in and created the ticket...
 :-) )

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