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Tue May 10 16:20:04 PDT 2016

#51345: vlc @2.2.2_4 Compile error
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 Component:  ports        |    Version:  2.3.4
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Comment (by rjvbertin@…):

 Replying to [comment:9 devans@…]:

 > I believe that this ticket refers to the same issue as #50913. My
 experience is that this error only appears on Yosemite (10.10) when using
 Xcode 7+.

 Actually, it also appeared for me on 10.9 when building with

 > Your suggested patch doesn't apply cleanly to the current VLC port so
 perhaps you're using a modified version.  But after making the changes
 manually, I got some very strange results when compiling. I think this has
 to due with your patching of config.h post-configure which is a bit
 unconventional.  Perhaps it would be better to combine your patch-
 static_assert.diff with the existing static_assert.patch although I'm not
 sure how you would do this.  Seems like the latter patch is doing the same
 thing to no avail.

 I didn't notice anything odd or alarming with the patch, but there's
 another possible fix. IIRC, the static_cast macro is used only in
 picture.c and it should never fail on OS X. In other words, it should be
 safe to remove the calls altogether.

 > Perhaps it would be best to table this and #50913 for now and push ahead
 with the new port updates, addressing any outstanding issues there.

 That's what I'm doing!

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