[MacPorts] #48365: Ports should require perl5.22 instead of 5.16

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Thu May 12 08:26:31 PDT 2016

#48365: Ports should require perl5.22 instead of 5.16
  Reporter:  mojca@…                             |      Owner:  macports-
      Type:  defect                              |  tickets@…
  Priority:  Normal                              |     Status:  closed
 Component:  ports                               |  Milestone:
Resolution:  fixed                               |    Version:
      Port:  ack ackmate amavisd-new archway     |   Keywords:
  argus-monitor auto-multiple-choice backuppc    |
  biblatex-biber bugzilla clearsilver cloc       |
  cpan2port cpuid cssh cutter cvsweb cws2fws-pl  |
  cyrus-imapd dc3dd ddclient demeter demeter-    |
  devel dirvish docbook-utils docbook2X dvdrip   |
  eperl exo (afb) extractopinion flac2mp3        |
  frozenbubble2 ftpsync fusioninventory-agent    |
  fwknop gdmap ghsum git git-cal glibmm globus-  |
  core gnome-bindings-perl5 gnucash gnucash-     |
  devel gnumeric gnupod grid-packaging-tools     |
  gtk-doc gtkmm GTorrentViewer help2man          |
  homebank hugin-app icon-naming-utils icoutils  |
  ikiwiki imageindex imapsync intltool           |
  latexdiff LaTeXML libbluray liboping-devel     |
  libpurple libsigcxx2 libxmlxx2 log2timeline    |
  magicspp mailqfmt makepasswd mb2md mediaserv   |
  metar metasploit2 mod_perl2 monarch moreutils  |
  mosh mtn-browse munin muttprint myrepos        |
  mysql-zrm mythtv-core.25 mythtv-core.26        |
  mythtv-core.27 mythweb.25 mythweb.26           |
  mythweb.27 nagios-plugins nedi net-snmp nfsen  |
  nrg openbrowser ossp-uuid patchutils pcsc-     |
  tools pearl pemail perfect_maildir perlprimer  |
  pflogsumm pidgin po4a postgresql_autodoc       |
  postgrey psh PsyncX pulseaudio rancid rpm      |
  rpm52 rpm53 rpm54 rrdtool rsnapshot sendpage   |
  shelldap signing-party sleuthkit smokeping     |
  snmptt snownews spidereyeballs sqlgrey stow    |
  subversion-perlbindings-5.16 swaks sympa       |
  system-tools-backends t-prot tablet-encode     |
  texinfo thieriot tinyca2 torrentsniff tsung    |
  vantages vcheck vit wakeonlan whois wml        |
  xchat-gnome xfce-utils xqf xserve-raid-tools   |

Comment (by mojca@…):

 We'll open a new ticket for that (it takes a bit of scripting to get all
 the ports and maintainers properly sorted), but just as a quick note: feel
 free to start adding support or start testing / switching to Perl 5.24 in
 your ports.

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