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#51327: perl5.22: failed test dist/IO/t/cachepropagate-unix
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 On OS X 10.10, I can reproduce failures with both perl 5.20 and perl 5.24.
 Although I get "Address already in use" with the suggested `diag` added to
 the test code:

 ok 8 - type match
 # datagram socket: Address already in use
 not ok 9 - datagram socket created
 #   Failed test 'datagram socket created'

 As far as I tested, this issue seems to be our custom $TMPDIR value in the
 environment, on my system that would be:

 My wild guess is that the path is truncated somewhere due to its length,
 and the socket/bind syscall only sees a substring of the given path that
 triggers the "Address already in use" because this substring is an
 existing path. I can make the test also fail reproducibly with the
 following sequence. Although also the stream socket test #1 may fail
 sometimes (depending on path length?).

 $ sudo port -v build perl5.24
 $ cd $(port work perl5.24)/perl-5.24.0
 $ sudo -u macports env TMPDIR=/tmp/$(perl -le 'print "A" x 150;') sh -c
 'rm -rf $TMPDIR && mkdir $TMPDIR && make test TEST_ARGS=-v

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