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> Usually conversations about utilizing a natural approach to infestations
> control are geared around the health insurance and well-being of the
> people and pets in the area being managed -- like a restaurant, hotel, or
> even cruise ship. There is always concern about the effects on humans
> when a chemical approach to pest control is used, as there should be.
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> However, most of us miss to take into account that chemicals impact
> people where they are manufactured, not simply where they are used. It's
> time to consider those people too. An article about the explosion twenty
> years ago at the substance plant in Bhopal, Of india, just came across my
> desk. What a tragedy! And this kind of accident could happen anywhere.
> I have gained a new insight from reading relating to this tragedy.
> Performed you realize there were 4, 000 people murdered immediately, and
> another 20, 000 who were murdered from side impacts for years afterward?
> And that lots of thousands of folks have suffered severe health
> conditions because of the explosion that released toxic chemicals into
> the air and water?
> It occurs in my experience that if first world countries would reduce
> their reliance on chemicals for pest control, the production of those
> chemicals would decline with the demand, and plants would be closed or
> re-purposed. If plants making toxic chemicals are closed, or re-purposed
> to non-toxic chemical manufacturing, people in third world countries
> might have reduced exposure -- potential and real -- to poisons used in
> pesticides. People in first world countries who live near chemical
> vegetation would also be less dangerous from chemicals produced in such
> plants -- chemicals that could be released through accidents or
> terrorism. There are lots of ways to control pests other than with the
> use of dangerous chemicals. Lives be based upon that alternative approach
> being used.
> With all the increase of bed bugs in hotels across the US, it could be
> unnerving to think about keeping your hotel bug-free without pesticides.
> Stop panicking! Presently there are natural and organic and natural pest
> controls and techniques coming out daily that will help you keep your
> hotel bedbug free, or exterminate them if they are already in residence.
> It's important to be part of the solution, not contribute to the problem.
> Eliminating chemical pest control from your businesses will make the
> world a much better place to live. Adopting natural pest control is a
> step toward creating a welcome habitat to guests. That's an monetarily
> sound decision.

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