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#51435: orfeotoolbox new release
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Component:  ports        |    Version:  2.3.4
 Keywords:               |       Port:  orfeotoolbox
 Dear OTB maintainer,

 I'm trying to install orfeotoolbox from macports with no success. I've
 tried modifying the portfile so that it installs 5.4.0, but I get the

 Firstly in debug mode it is stated that "No Jpeg2000 driver found
 (compatible drivers are : OpenJpeg, Kakadu, ECW).", though I have OpenJPEG
 installed and have temporarily deactivated openjpeg15.[[BR]]
 It then goes on to the following error before stoping
 -- GDAL doesn't have HDF5 drivers. (HDF5 tests will be deactivated)
 -- Check if Gdal qualifies for Orfeo ToolBox -- yes.
 --   Version : 2.0.2
 --   Drivers for JPEG 2000 :
 CMake Warning at CMake/FindOpenThreads.cmake:99 (message):
   OpenThreads/Version not found !
 Call Stack (most recent call first):
   Modules/ThirdParty/OpenThreads/otb-module-init.cmake:1 (find_package)
   CMake/OTBModuleEnablement.cmake:356 (include)
   CMakeLists.txt:262 (include)
 I, therefore, am very keen to know when a new macport for orfeotoolbox 5.4
 is likely to be available, or whether their is a known issue/work around
 the error I'm getting in my portfile.

 Many thanks.

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