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#51442: wine + fail to install .exe on Mac
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 I am trying to use wine to install .exe on Mac using the code:
 wine LicenseInstall.exe
 But it prompt "Run-time error '445': Object doesn't support     this
 action", and in Terminal it shows:
 fixme:ole:CLSIDFromProgIDEx L"Scripting.FileSystemObject",0x32eabc: semi-
 fixme:scrrun:filesys_QueryInterface Unsupported interface {7fd52380-4e07
 fixme:scrrun:filesys_QueryInterface Unsupported interface {37d84f60-42cb-
 fixme:scrrun:folder_get_Drive (0x1d5ae8)->(0x32ec5c): stub
 I'll appreciate your help, thanks.

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