[MacPorts] #51462: gtk3 variant quartz does not need mesa -> results in X install (PATCH)

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Tue May 24 13:39:02 PDT 2016

#51462: gtk3 variant quartz does not need mesa -> results in X install (PATCH)
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 * status:  new => closed
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 Well, I'm still here so I'll handle this anyway. Fixed in r149002.  The
 mesa dependency here was introduced due to libepoxy which is used by gtk3
 for both +quartz and +x11 builds.  libepoxy uses mesa at build time to
 establish its glx dispatch table but does not explicitly link with mesa.
 This means that, as you say, mesa only needs to be installed for glx to
 work on the +x11 build. I tested this this morning to be sure.

 BTW, this also means that if you are building from scratch (libepoxy is
 not installed yet), mesa and its X11 dependencies will be installed as
 build dependencies of libepoxy but you can remove them after libepoxy is
 installed if using strictly +quartz.

 Other dependencies of gtk3 (cairo, pango) build with +quartz +x11 by
 default (and without conflict) so if you really want an X11 free
 environment then you need to use +quartz -x11 as your default variants.
 The old +no_x11 that is mentioned in some outdated documentation is not
 necessary in any circumstance as it is no longer used in MacPorts having
 been entirely replaced by -x11.

 Thanks for your ticket and patch.

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