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#51490: spam
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 * status:  new => closed
 * keywords:   => spam
 * resolution:   => invalid

Old description:

> Regardless, the producer gives no untouchable medical affirmation  to
> bolster these cases. Word this site claims Aimee Age Correction
> comparably involves [http://www.alariarxreview.org/tru-belleza-cream/ Tru
> Belleza] an "undeveloped mobile drawing in protein" perhaps Duplicell at
> the same time this site guarantees that the item besides contains
> cucumber pay attention, neither of which can be mirrored in the above
> fixings list. Consistent with the Aimee Age Correction site, the counter
> developing recipe cause a diminished appearance of wrinkles and an
> augmentation in dermis energy, even as of purchasers attested their
> epidermis appears and feels smoother. Nonetheless, the object's website
> would not showcase how these numbers were shaped medical trial, self-
> reporting, and so on. On the other hand give any references to maneuver
> down their claimsIf you had been virtually looking through the thing's
> web site, it might be fairly easy to anticipate that Aimee Age Correction
> is utilized by using geniuses http://www.alariarxreview.org/tru-belleza-
> cream/

New description:


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