[MacPorts] #51493: octave-devel-release @4.0.2_3 fails to build

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Wed May 25 11:01:26 PDT 2016

#51493: octave-devel-release @4.0.2_3 fails to build
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 Priority:  Normal             |    Version:  2.3.4
Component:  ports              |       Port:  octave-devel-release @4.0.2_3
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 today I tried to build octave-devel-release, but it fails to build. I
 attached the main.log file. I think this are is the relevant line:
 :info:build corefcn/load-save.cc:1214:9: error: no matching function for
 call to 'nstrftime'
 :info:build         nstrftime (headertext, 124, "MATLAB 5.0 MAT-file,
 written by Octave "

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