[MacPorts] #51505: libcerf build error on 10.6.8

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#51505: libcerf build error on 10.6.8
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 Component:  ports          |    Version:  2.3.4
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      Port:  libcerf        |

Comment (by chrisgorman@…):

 Upon investigating, this pod2man and pod2html work well with the perl from
 macports, but don't work well with the perl 5.10.0 / 5.8.9 hybrid
 installed on snow leopard.  The pod2man, pod2html files indicate that the
 perl interpreter is supposed to differentiate between the versions.  When
 libcerf builds it's man pages, it calls both programs without specifying a
 version, eg. /usr/bin/pod2html rather than /usr/bin/pod2html5.10.0 and
 fails to build because pod2html and pod2man are not executable.  (Whereas
 pod2man5.10.0, pod2man5.8.9, pod2html5.10.0 and pod2html5.8.9 are
 executable.)  I have attached a patch that should be applied only to snow
 leopard installs without a macports perl installed.  It hardcodes
 pod2{html,man}5.10.0 instead of pod2{html,man}.  I do not know of a way to
 have macports apply a patch to only snowleopard, however, this task is
 still to be done.  Perhaps a better fix would be to predepend on a
 macports perl version?

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