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#50000: perl5: improve / reimplement packaging
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Comment (by rjvbertin@…):

 I'm all for making the upgrade process as automatic as possible. One can
 end up with a lot of automatically installed p5* ports that are
 dependencies of other ports, and which the casual user won't be aware of.
 I know I already abhor having to update all those packages/ports (getting
 spamassassin to work again etc), and clean up those that are no longer
 required. I can only (but would rather not) dream of what that would be
 like for users for whom "perl" is just a misspelled bauble in search of
 its mother ;)

 > adds a bunch of (possibly broken) ports that will likely not be tested
 by maintainers.

 I'd look at it this way: they're likely to be reported and thus tested if
 they become broken, and maintainers will take that bridge when they come
 to it. I'd not advocate that kind of approach for standalone ports. For
 ports that are generated automatically I don't really see a reason to
 start looking to fix things that may not be broken if the benefits of the
 automatisation are big enough.

 That doesn't mean that an automated test procedure wouldn't be a good
 thing to have.

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