[MacPorts] #54078: gnuradio-devel: Build failure with cppunit

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Mon May 1 19:27:58 UTC 2017

#54078: gnuradio-devel: Build failure with cppunit
 Reporter:  mf2k    |      Owner:  michaelld
     Type:  defect  |     Status:  new
 Priority:  Normal  |  Milestone:
Component:  ports   |    Version:
 Keywords:          |       Port:  gnuradio
 gnuradio-devel seems to be failing due to the latest boost.

 runtime/lib/math/qa_fxpt.h:32:3: note: in instantiation of member function
 'CppUnit::TestCaller<qa_fxpt>::TestCaller' requested here
 :info:build   CPPUNIT_TEST(t0);
 :info:build   ^
 :info:build /opt/local/include/cppunit/extensions/HelperMacros.h:299:15:
 note: expanded from macro 'CPPUNIT_TEST'
 :info:build         ( new CPPUNIT_NS::TestCaller<TestFixtureType>(    \
 :info:build               ^
 :info:build /opt/local/include/cppunit/Portability.h:107:21: note:
 expanded from macro 'CPPUNIT_NS'
 :info:build # define CPPUNIT_NS CppUnit
 :info:build                     ^
 note: candidate function template not viable: requires 3 arguments, but 2
 were provided
 :info:build find(_InputIterator __first, _InputIterator __last, const _Tp&
 :info:build ^
 :info:build 4 errors generated.
 :info:build make[2]: *** [gnuradio-runtime/lib/CMakeFiles/test-gnuradio-
 runtime.dir/math/qa_fxpt.cc.o] Error 1

 $ port installed cppunit
 The following ports are currently installed:
   cppunit @1.14.0_0 (active)

 I have not tried to build gnuradio yet.

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