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#54080: py-scikit-umfpack
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 A port for scikits-umfpack was obsoleted and removed a few years ago
 (#38377). However, scikit-umfpack (note the non-plural scikit is
 intentional) has been revived upstream. The sparse solver of umfpack is
 faster than the one built into scipy, as discussed here:
 https://github.com/scipy/scipy/issues/3831. Therefore, I have recreated a
 port for scikit-umfpack in the attached.

 A primary dependency is SuiteSparse, which has several updates upstream
 (to 4.5.5). I put in a ticket request to make the update (#54079).
 Nonetheless, scikit-umfpack seems to work fine with the current version in
 macports (4.2.1).

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