[MacPorts] #54086: mpbb: unrecognized option `--archive-site' Try `./mpbb/mpbb help' for more information.

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Tue May 2 11:47:14 UTC 2017

#54086: mpbb: unrecognized option `--archive-site' Try `./mpbb/mpbb help' for more
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Comment (by neverpanic):

 Here's my ad-hoc analysis from IRC, hoping that it helps. Don't have time
 to make the change right now, though.

 - mpbb is invoked as `./mpbb --archive-site foobar list-subports
 - That hands over control flow to `mpbb-list-subports` in
 https://github.com/macports/mpbb/blob/master/mpbb#L116, passing all
 options using `"$@"`
 - `list-subports()` in `mpbb-list-subports` runs `for port in "$@"; do
 print-subports "$port"; done`, see
 - And `print-subports()` runs `parseopt archive-site: "$@"`, which tries
 to find `--archive-site` in `"$@"` of that function, but that function
 only gets "portname" as argument, which does not contain `--archive-site`,
 - So
 is buggy, the `parseopt archive-site: "$@" || return` should have been in
 - Additionally, I think https://github.com/macports/macports-
 infrastructure/commit/f79cc559611e5f42dd26808f38cd0750beee12bf should have
 added the `--archive-site` flag after `list-subports`, not before.

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