[MacPorts] #54091: submission: QMPlay2, yet another multimedia player

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Tue May 2 17:16:51 UTC 2017

#54091: submission: QMPlay2, yet another multimedia player
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 I've been trying out a Qt5-based multimedia player, QMPlay2 and after some
 back and forth with the nicely reactive author I think the time is right
 to submit my port for it.

 Some advantages over VLC as I know it:
 - works with FFmpeg 3.x
 - easier and configurable interface with plenty of useful features like
 YouTube browsing (and downloading)
 - a playlist that survives restarts
 - single-frame stepping
 - integrated support for hardware acceleration (VideoToolBox based,
 doesn't work on my system though (HD3000 GPU))
 - builds out-of-the box or almost and uses CMake, as opposed to the
 significant hacking required of VLC's already messy autoconf-based build

 Without hardware acceleration it burns a bit more CPU than VLC though,
 possibly because it uses Qt instead of a purely native backend.

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