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#51668: texlive-texdist: new port
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Comment (by mojca):

 First of all: I'm not even sure if the above link will stay under that
 name. There might be better project names than TeXLive-M.
 https://github.com/texlive or https://github.com/MacTeX or whatever (I
 don't know who owns those project names).

 But let me first explain what exactly the repository on the link above is
 about. This is more or less a tiny fraction of what MacTeX provides. I
 made some minor changes in the scripts based on what Richard Koch sent me.

 "Legacy" in the name stands for the fact that MacTeX will no longer
 support anything beyond officially supported versions, so MacTeX 2017
 won't work on 10.9 and below, MacTeX 2018 won't work on 10.10 and below
 ... The package above is meant as "replacement", so that users of legacy
 systems will still be able to switch between different distributions.

 The `texdist` script in the above repository is not the upstream version.
 It's just a copy. I have no clue where the "upstream" version would
 reside, if anywhere at all.

 Here's the link with PrefPane (semi-abandoned):
 * https://sourceforge.net/projects/mactextoolbox/files/TeXDist/

 And a local version of PrefPane:
 * LocalTeX at http://pages.uoregon.edu/koch/

 But keep in mind that the PrefPane no longer works on the latest OSes and
 that the version on older OSes is buggy enough to not even support TL 2017
 where the name of the bin folder was slightly modified. It was removed
 from MacTeX in any case and nowadays you would get an advice to use TeX
 Live Utility for switching between distributions.

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