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#48937: New port: Bazel
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Comment (by raimue):

 I propose the following changes:

 * What is the reason for deleting `${distpath}` in post-destroot? Users
 are supposed to use `port clean --dist` or `port reclaim` to get rid of
 distfiles. I removed that command.

 * `${worksrcdir}` is not supposed to be empty. Extracted files would be
 dumped directly into `${workpath}` which might lead to name clashes (e.g.
 names like destroot, .home, .tmp, etc. are in use). Use `extract.mkdir` to
 create the subdirectory before extracting.

 * What exactly do you want to achieve with that `sudo sh` in `build {}`?
 The build phase is supposed to run as the "macports" user without super
 user privileges. I do not understand why stderr is a problem, but
 shouldn't the output be redirected (as in `2>&1`) instead of being ignored

 Additionally, the part on getting the compiler version of javac would
 probably be better suited for the java port group. I'll leave that to
 people with more knowledge about Java on macOS.

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