[MacPorts] #53562: opencv @3.2.0: fatal error: 'AVFoundation/AVFoundation.h' file not found

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Sat May 13 21:46:36 UTC 2017

#53562: opencv @3.2.0: fatal error: 'AVFoundation/AVFoundation.h' file not found
  Reporter:  fmw42   |      Owner:  stromnov
      Type:  defect  |     Status:  assigned
  Priority:  Normal  |  Milestone:
 Component:  ports   |    Version:  2.4.0
Resolution:          |   Keywords:  snowleopard
      Port:  opencv  |

Comment (by ballapete):

 opencv-3.2.0/3rdparty/ffmpeg/readme.txt contains this paragraph:

   If you want to play very safe and do not want to use FFMPEG at all,
 regardless of whether it's installed on
   your system or not, configure and build OpenCV using CMake with
 WITH_FFMPEG=OFF flag. OpenCV will then use
   AVFoundation (OSX), GStreamer (Linux) or other available backends
 supported by opencv_videoio module.

 And so Portfile has on line #

  77 configure.args-append \
  85                     -DWITH_FFMPEG=ON \

 When compilation fails with version 3.2.0 then the reason is certainly:
 pre-Lion. Although it claims to support PowerPC…

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