[MacPorts] #54203: gdal @2.2.0: broken on non-C++11 setups

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Fri May 19 21:36:59 UTC 2017

#54203: gdal @2.2.0: broken on non-C++11 setups
 Reporter:  mojca   |      Owner:  Veence
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 Keywords:          |       Port:  gdal
 gdal 2.2.0 is broken on non-C++11 setups, but the compilation should
 theoretically still work with C++03.

 The most important part would be to pass `--without-cpp11` to
 `configure.args` when not using C++11. The way to check that is probably
 by testing for stdlib and declare C++11 support non-existent when it's not
 `libc++`, even if that's not exactly correct.

 Once you do that, one of the major issues becomes the dance around
 `isnan()` and `isinf()`. The master branch / trunk works much better in
 this respect due to addition of
 #elif defined(__cplusplus) && defined(HAVE_STD_IS_NAN) && HAVE_STD_IS_NAN
 in `port/cpl_port.h` and on 10.7 it leads to successful compilation. 10.6
 would probably need a newer compiler, I didn't test yet.

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