[MacPorts] #54216: zlib +ng (and +cloudflare) accelerated variants

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Tue May 23 15:16:47 UTC 2017

#54216: zlib +ng (and +cloudflare) accelerated variants
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 I've brought this up before, trying again now that zlib-ng has become a
 lot more mature (and zlib itself has been updated too).

 Zlib-ng is the "next generation" zlib that offers SIMD acceleration and a
 number of less visible improvements. It can be configured to be ABI
 compatible with zlib, which my variant does.
 It currently does not always compress exactly as good as zlib but
 differences are small and the speed gain is appreciable. It might be worth
 following the project's progress.

 I've kept in a +cloudflare variant, which is still based on zlib 1.2.8 but
 gives a slightly bigger and more consistent speed gain.

 I'll just attach the portfile patch, patches can be found at

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