[MacPorts] #54226: "/opt/local/bin/as: assembler (/opt/local/bin/clang) not installed"

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Wed May 24 21:00:11 UTC 2017

#54226: "/opt/local/bin/as: assembler (/opt/local/bin/clang) not installed"
 Reporter:  RJVB    |      Owner:
     Type:  defect  |     Status:  new
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Component:  ports   |    Version:
 Keywords:          |       Port:  cctools
 I found a rogue /opt/local/bin/clang (symlink) that didn't belong to any
 port and I never did a `port select clang` so I removed the file because I
 also couldn't remember why I would have created it.

 I quickly found out:

 > /opt/local/bin/as -q
 /opt/local/bin/as: assembler (/opt/local/bin/clang) not installed

 That reeks of an error. AFAIK ports should not depend on the user having
 used port select, and port:cctools doesn't indicate that one should do a
 port select.

 What's more, after reinstalling the symlink (this time via `port select`):

 > /opt/local/bin/as -v -q
 clang version 4.0.0 (tags/RELEASE_400/final)
 Target: x86_64-apple-darwin13.4.0
 Thread model: posix
 InstalledDir: /opt/local/libexec/llvm-4.0/bin
  "/opt/local/libexec/llvm-4.0/bin/clang" -cc1as -triple x86_64-apple-
 macosx10.9.0 -filetype obj -main-file-name - -target-cpu core2 -fdebug-
 compilation-dir /path/to/here -dwarf-debug-producer clang version 4.0.0
 (tags/RELEASE_400/final) -dwarf-version=2 -mrelocation-model pic -o a.out

 IOW, it would appear that the actual selected clang executable is
 hardcoded, presumably through a variant dependent patch. Maybe one
 location to patch got away?

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