[MacPorts] #56761: Remove wine dependency from winetricks

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Mon Jul 2 14:03:18 UTC 2018

#56761: Remove wine dependency from winetricks
 Reporter:  Haravikk                        |      Owner:  (none)
     Type:  enhancement                     |     Status:  new
 Priority:  Low                             |  Milestone:  MacPorts Future
Component:  ports                           |    Version:
 Keywords:  wine, winetricks, dependencies  |       Port:  winetricks
 Normally I use PlayOnMac to manage WINE for me on Mac, but I've recently
 discovered an issue with one of their winetricks style installers, and
 unfortunately PoM/PoL don't allow direct access to winetricks as a

 I figured it might be convenient to download winetricks through MacPorts
 in order to run it, but it turns out that winetricks has a huge list of
 dependencies that it doesn't actually need, pretty much entirely because
 of a dependency on WINE itself. So I've abandoned doing it through
 MacPorts in favour of just getting it the old-fashioned way (since it's
 basically just a single script anyway).

 Now obviously, winetricks doesn't serve much purpose without a WINE
 install somewhere, but there should be no need to force the download of
 MacPorts managed WINE just to install winetricks.

 I'd like to propose therefore that winetricks' list of dependencies be
 pruned back to what it actually requires in order to run, excluding WINE
 which a user may have obtained from one of many other sources. Basically,
 it should be possible for someone using Play on Mac, Wineskin Winery etc.
 etc. to just download winetricks on its own if they want to. If possible,
 a good compromise might be a prompt to install WINE as well, but I don't
 know if MacPorts supports such a thing?

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