[MacPorts] #56778: gstreamer1-gst-plugins-base upgrade fails: Variant x11 conflicts with cocoa

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Mon Jul 9 00:53:38 UTC 2018

#56778: gstreamer1-gst-plugins-base upgrade fails: Variant x11 conflicts with cocoa
  Reporter:  squizzgitmon            |      Owner:  Mihai Moldovan
                                     |  <ionic@…>
      Type:  defect                  |     Status:  closed
  Priority:  Normal                  |  Milestone:
 Component:  ports                   |    Version:
Resolution:  fixed                   |   Keywords:
      Port:  gstreamer1-gst-         |
  plugins-base                       |

Comment (by ryandesign):

 Replying to [comment:14 Ionic]:
 > Crap. I hoped that it would stay local to the port, not be passed-down
 to others as well. Wouldn't that also affect all ports that are already
 using `variant_set` (just in the opposite way)?

 I'm not aware of `variant_set` causing problems; it's used in several
 ports. But I haven't tested for this problem specifically.

 Maybe passing the variant down to dependencies is not a problem. That is
 of course what happens when variants are specified by the user on the
 command line, if the dependencies are not yet installed.

 > Hm, it's a normal/new install... since `universal` is set, it should
 pull-in `x11` as a default flag and disable `cocoa`. I'm stumped, `x11`
 should be getting enabled. Maybe I need to quote `variations("cocoa/x11")`
 instead of not quoting them? I've tried that at first (as `set
 variations("cocoa") "-"`, quoting both the variant string and the disable
 character), but that didn't seem to work at all.

 The problem I'm seeing on the buildbot might well be specific to mpbb.
 comment:9 showed the problem occurring in mpbb code before you changed the
 variant code.

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