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Thu Jul 12 08:23:21 UTC 2018

#56799: VLC @2.2.8_6: Update to 3.0.3
  Reporter:  scarface-one  |      Owner:  RJVB
      Type:  update        |     Status:  assigned
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Comment (by RJVB):

 I'm pretty certain I already managed to navigate BR menus in VLC 2.x on
 Mac but typically watch the few such disks I have on my wife's PC where
 "things like that just work" O:-)

 I could maintain a port that installs an older version on certain OS
 versions but that
 1. complexifies a Portfile that is already more complex than I want
 2. means I'd be maintaining something I cannot even build

 The alternative would be to introduce a `port:VLC2` (leaving point 2
 unsolved) but there's also the point I don't have commit access so every
 change I want to apply takes extra time and effort.

 The only constructive suggestion I can make at this time is to make
 `port:libVLC` a standalone port and remove the patches that make it
 possible to build libVLC in such a way that other applications can use it
 (plus a few other tweaks to the build, probably). That way someone else
 can take over `port:VLC` maintainership. We'd end up with 2 libVLC copies
 so care must be taken that they don't install to the same location but
 otherwise this shouldn't be a problem - esp. if the resulting VLC build
 diverges less from the official way of building it.

 I wasn't aware VLC has an updater other than something that checks for new
 versions. You have a bit of a point here but at the same time one
 shouldn't see MacPorts as "the OS X package manager". It's a collection of
 ports with the accompanying manager, but there's whether or not it has a
 port for a given application depends on many things. There shouldn't be
 one for VLC according to the VideoLan people, for instance.

 Either way, any big changes I will make will most likely only be made
 after the summer holiday period.

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