[MacPorts] #56806: inkscape-devel : use CMake (and a few other improvements)

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#56806: inkscape-devel : use CMake (and a few other improvements)
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 Building Inkscape on Linux I noticed that it now uses CMake and preserves
 the autoconf-based build only for "just in case".

 The use of cmake has a few advantages:
 - faster configure (no more autoreconf)
 - faster build when using Ninja
 - easier maintainability because of an out-of-source build directory

 The attached patch converts the port to use cmake for building and as far
 as I can tell it indeed makes the build faster and less resource-hungry
 (thanks to using Ninja instead of make).
 The only user-visible effect of this change is the loss of the +strict
 variant which hasn't been ported to cmake. It was never entirely clear to
 me what interest this variant had and apparently the Inkscape team wasn't
 too convinced about this option either.

 A few other (strongly) suggested improvements:
 - use `git describe` instead of the date of the last commit (which  isn't
 guaranteed to be unique, nor even monotonically increasing )
 - declare explicit dependencies on libomp and glibmm which I think were
 - define the +gtk3 variant so it can actually be used

 And a maintainer convenience tweak I use all the time:
 - make `worksrcdir` unversioned; I'm guessing the port maintainer doesn't
 clone the entire 1.5Gb or so each time he builds a new version so why not
 make it easy to reuse the source directory.

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