[MacPorts] #30599: h2ph not rerun after perl5 upgrade

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Wed Jul 25 13:43:16 UTC 2018

#30599: h2ph not rerun after perl5 upgrade
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Comment (by chrstphrchvz):

 At the moment, p5-tcl-ptk requires sys/ioctl.ph to be generated for its
 `fileevent` to work at all.

 Knowing which files `h2ph` needs to be run on for a distribution seems
 possible but likely requires inspecting the source code of the
 distribution (e.g. finding any `require "….ph";` statements).

 This is a rare issue, but if this were needed more often, then rather than
 manually using `h2ph` from `postinstall`, it would probably more ideal to
 have something in the perl5 PortGroup handle this, something like
 `perl5.h2ph sys/syscall.ph` in the subport, in case an approach better
 than rerunning `h2ph` becomes possible, or headers move(?), etc. And
 unless there's a way to rerun `h2ph` when MacPorts detects XCode (if not
 the specific header file) was updated, the above concerns about
 compatibility still apply.

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