[MacPorts] #55927: add mpbb component to Trac

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Thu Mar 1 21:32:10 UTC 2018

#55927: add mpbb component to Trac
 Reporter:  ryandesign      |      Owner:  admin@…
     Type:  enhancement     |     Status:  new
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Component:  server/hosting  |    Version:
 Keywords:                  |       Port:
 I feel that since mpbb has its own git repository, it should have its own
 Component in Trac. Filing mpbb tickets under contrib isn't right because
 it's not in the macports-contrib repo, and filing them as server/hosting
 is wrong because they're about the development of the mpbb software, not
 the installation of it on a server.

 I see the place in Trac Admin where I can add components, but I don't
 remember if on the Braeburn Trac setup we're supposed to use that or if a
 server config file needs to be edited instead.

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