[MacPorts] #55929: pulseaudio needs variants for minimal or no X11

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#55929: pulseaudio needs variants for minimal or no X11
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Component:  ports          |    Version:  2.4.2
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 Building on travis,

 - osx10.12
 - xcode9.2
 - clang
 - macports 2.42
 - from the recent tarballs.

 if you specify variants -x11 or +minimal, port will not build

 Error: Failed to archivefetch gtk3: gdk-pixbuf2 must be installed without

 so add variant

 port: gdk-pixbuf2 -x11
 Error: Failed to configure gtk3: Either +x11 or +quartz is required

 so add variant

 port:gtk3 +quartz

 Error: Failed to archivefetch pulseaudio: libsndfile must be installed
 with +no_external_libs

 so add variant

 port:libsndfile +no_external_libs
 Configuring gtk3
 Error: Failed to configure gtk3, consult

 Finally the builds absolutely fails with
 Attempting to fetch gtk+-3.22.28.tar.xz from
 --->  Verifying checksums for gtk3
 --->  Extracting gtk3
 --->  Applying patches to gtk3
 --->  Configuring gtk3
 Error: Failed to configure gtk3, consult

 Other errors

 Error: Processing of port pulseaudio failed
 --->  Some of the ports you installed have notes:
   libidn has the following notes:
     Please be aware that GNU libidn2 is the successor of GNU libidn. It
     with IDNA 2008
     and TR46 implementations and also provides a compatibility layer for
   p5.26-libwww-perl has the following notes:
     As of version 6.00, libwww-perl has been split into multiple packages.
     you were using p5.26-libwww-perl for just one or two of its modules
     you may be able to pare down your installation to just those modules
     Other important changes have been made that may affect your code; for
     details, please see: /opt/local/share/doc/p5.26-libwww-perl/Changes

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