[MacPorts] #55935: mpbb: buildbot doesn't rebuild port if only supported_archs change

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#55935: mpbb: buildbot doesn't rebuild port if only supported_archs change
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 Suppose a port is committed that is not architecture specific, but it was
 not marked as such, so as far as MacPorts knows, it's building for a
 specific architecture, which is indicated in the archive filename. This
 happened with Sophus in [31e40d2a7216adc42c6242a1de25990154a5a945
 /macports-ports]. The buildbot builds the port and, if it's distributable,
 uploads the archive to the packages server. The archive filename is

 Then the problem is noticed and `supported_archs noarch` is added to the
 portfile. This happened with Sophus in
 [130ce6ffc708e7a2b31a6f80abc6b739d5cdadb9/macports-ports]. This changes
 the archive filename to "Sophus-1.0.0_0.darwin_17.noarch.tbz2". My
 expectation is that the buildbot should rebuild this port and distribute
 the new archive, since its name has changed. But it doesn't. It notices
 that the port is already installed at that version, and does nothing.

 I manually deleted the wrong archives from the packages server and
 manually uninstalled the Sophus port on the buildbot workers, then forced
 a build of the port via the buildbot web interface to get it to build the
 right archives. This kind of manual intervention shouldn't be necessary.

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