[MacPorts] #33326: cyrus-sasl2 @2.1.23 +universal +kerberos: libsasl2.la differs and cannot be merged

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#33326: cyrus-sasl2 @2.1.23 +universal +kerberos: libsasl2.la differs and cannot be
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      Type:  defect         |     Status:  closed
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 Component:  ports          |    Version:  2.0.3
Resolution:  invalid        |   Keywords:  muniversal
      Port:  cyrus-sasl2    |
Changes (by ryandesign):

 * status:  new => closed
 * resolution:   => invalid


 The log says:
 checking what directory libraries are found in... lib64
 The code from the configure script responsible for setting this is:
   if test $ac_cv_sizeof_long -eq 8 ; then
     test -d /usr/lib64 && ac_cv_cmu_lib_subdir=lib64
 In other words, when building for 64-bit, if the directory /usr/lib64
 exists, it puts libraries into the lib64 subdirectory of the prefix. This
 is not what we want to have happen in MacPorts.

 Do you have a directory /usr/lib64? If so what's in it? You shouldn't have
 that directory on macOS, but apparently you do. You'll need to get rid of
 it in order to use this and probably many other ports.

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