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#15939: port install : in need of a progressbar
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Comment (by RJVB):

 >  A first iteration could probably just move a progress indicator (not a
 progress bar!) when a new line was printed by the build system.

 That should be easy, IIRC all output already goes through single Tcl
 function. It probably should also be a bit more elaborate than updating
 the indicator on every new line (instead, update every N lines, where N is
 determined from some sliding average over the number of lines printed per

 See my comments above. The way to go is probably via a hook/callback
 approach where different buildsystems can provide progress information.
 CMake is probably not the only such system that can provide the required

 Muniversal builds are an annoyance in this matter, but only if you think
 you have to hide the fact that such a build is going on. Assuming that a
 display progress information is to be optional it's logical to assume that
 users who are interested in this are also not uninterested in knowing what
 part is being built. (I already patch my local muniversal PG so it tells
 me that.)
 The alternative is a simple *approximation*: scale by the number of
 architectures. If the returned progress information is a
 (currentFile,numberOfFiles) pair, multiply numberOfFiles by the number of
 architectures and you're set. When the returned information is already a
 percentage, divide it by that number and treat it as if on a circular
 scale (progress from ((100/N -i)% to j% would become (100/N +j)%).

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