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#56080: android sdk and ndk out of date
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 i'm trying to create a cross compile tool to java from osx and have found
 that both android sdk and ndk are out of date by a couple of years

 as is:

 android 23

 ndk 9d

 current version:

 android 27


 sha256 4a81754a760fce88cba74d69c364b05b31c53d57b26f9f82355c61d5fe4b9df9


 sha1 e51e615449b98c716cf912057e2682e75d55e2de

 size 839630771


 sha1 883d7d1be3007637de7f2f2cb1f1bb66193d89e0

 size 679061122


 sha256 2c8a24ad2de21e8d1d77a748a35cc5ca47812d9f5e2a0865981e206073d1d981

 unfortunately you can't just update the version and change the hashes.
 the method to download and verify has changed.

 anyone want to come up with a hack the Portfile?

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