[MacPorts] #52000: Add xz to "base" to allow changing the default compression format to .tar.xz in the future

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Mon Mar 19 13:07:55 UTC 2018

#52000: Add xz to "base" to allow changing the default compression format to
.tar.xz in the future
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Comment (by yan12125):

 > Recent versions of OS X provide a copy of liblzma and libarchive but
 there doesn't seem to be an OS copy of the xz executable. MacPorts
 currently handles decompression by running a separate executable. OS X's
 tar command links with libarchive so it should understand xz; we would
 just have to change MacPorts to decompress and extract the tarball as a
 single operation instead of two operations as it is currently.

 Just checked and seems lzma support in libarchive is added in 10.9.
 libarchive-29, which is introduced in 10.9, has HAVE_LZMA_H in its
 config.h [2], while this is not the case for libarchive-25.1 in 10.8 [1].
 If MacPorts aims to support xz for all OS X versions, bundling xz is

 As the first step to enable xz support in MacPorts, I created a simple
 patch that bundles xz-5.2.3 into macports-base [3]. It creates a binary
 /opt/local/libexec/macports/bin/xz, which can be used for creating and
 extracting xz-based binary packages.



 [3] https://github.com/yan12125/macports-base/tree/bundle-xz

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