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Tue Mar 20 11:26:05 UTC 2018

#56108: mipsel-linux-uclib: delete ports
 Reporter:  mojca        |      Owner:  mojca
     Type:  defect       |     Status:  new
 Priority:  Normal       |  Milestone:
Component:  ports        |    Version:
 Keywords:               |       Port:  mipsel-linux-binutils mipsel-linux-
                         |  gcc34 mipsel-linux-kernel-headers mipsel-linux-
                         |  uclib mipsel-linux-uclib-headers
 The ports for mipsel-linux-uclib:
 * mipsel-linux-binutils
 * mipsel-linux-gcc34
 * mipsel-linux-kernel-headers
 * mipsel-linux-uclib
 * mipsel-linux-uclib-headers
 have last been updated 12 years ago (ignoring cosmetic fixes), we had two
 bug reports (which I understand as if the ports were mostly useless, but I
 may be wrong), the last one four years ago (#38135, #43988). Homepage that
 some of the ports point to no longer exist (http://mipsel-linux-
 binutils.sourceforge.net/). The buildbot-generated packages from 2016
 apparently still exist though, so maybe some of those ports are still able
 to build, but that doesn't change the perspective too much.

 Unless someone knows the purpose of these ports and is willing to update
 them, I see no reason to keep shipping gcc 3.4 etc. Building mipsel-linux-
 uclib with the crossbinutils PortGroup alone worked, but I have no clue if
 the result is usable.

 Should anyone know the reason for not deleting these ports, please speak

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