[MacPorts] #56108: mipsel-linux-uclib: delete ports

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Tue Mar 20 13:04:59 UTC 2018

#56108: mipsel-linux-uclib: delete ports
  Reporter:  mojca                               |      Owner:  mojca
      Type:  defect                              |     Status:  new
  Priority:  Normal                              |  Milestone:
 Component:  ports                               |    Version:
Resolution:                                      |   Keywords:
      Port:  mipsel-linux-binutils mipsel-       |
  linux-gcc34 mipsel-linux-kernel-headers        |
  mipsel-linux-uclib mipsel-linux-uclib-headers  |

Comment (by jmroot):

 I don't use them, but if that was the threshold for deletion we'd delete
 most of the ports. I'm sure most of our users don't develop for MIPS Linux
 but it's entirely possible some do, and if they do then in all likelihood
 they don't know this ticket exists. Debian has these packages:


 GCC 3.4 is definitely old and should go. Current GCC and binutils versions
 appear to support mipsel-linux as a target. uClibc can also be updated.

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