[MacPorts] #52477: rtorrent: Update to 0.9.6 w/ patches for macOS 10.12

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Wed Mar 21 14:00:53 UTC 2018

#52477: rtorrent: Update to 0.9.6 w/ patches for macOS 10.12
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Comment (by raimue):

 The reason this does not work with clang, but works with macports-gcc-* is
 that the latter by default uses `-stdlib=libstdc++`, while clang defaults
 to `-stdlib=libc++`. This code is so old that it still uses includes
 headers from `tr1/`, a proposed standard from around 2005 that predates
 C++11 and was never part of libc++.

 The problem is that code compiled with one C++ standard library is not
 necessarily compatible with code compiled with another. Therefore you have
 to be careful when mixing compilers. Even if it compiles, it may crash at

 It appears that upstream actually fixed this in their git repository and
 got rid of the `tr1/` includes, but the latest release 0.13.6 is from 2015
 and does not contain these changes.

 As upstream does not seem to bother to make releases, we should ditch the
 rtorrent and libtorrent ports and replace it with rtorrent-devel and
 libtorrent-devel ports that follow the current development on GitHub.

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