[MacPorts] #56119: gimp2 @2.8.22_1 -help_browser +remote +x11 +no_quartz: does not find automake-1.16

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Thu Mar 22 14:24:22 UTC 2018

#56119: gimp2 @2.8.22_1 -help_browser +remote +x11 +no_quartz: does not find
 Reporter:  majoc-at-astro  |      Owner:
     Type:  defect          |     Status:  new
 Priority:  Normal          |  Milestone:
Component:  ports           |    Version:  2.4.2
 Keywords:  haspatch        |       Port:  gimp2
 The build of gimp2 is failing inside autogen.sh.  Logfile to be appended,
 but here's the top bits:

 :debug:main automake 1.16.1_0 exists in the ports tree
 :debug:main automake 1.16.1_0  is the latest installed
 :debug:main automake 1.16.1_0  is active
 :info:configure -n checking for autoconf >= 2.54 ...
 :info:configure yes (version 2.69)
 :info:configure -n checking for automake >= 1.10.0 ...
 :info:configure   You must have automake 1.10.0 or newer installed to
 compile GNU Image Manipulation Program.
 :info:configure   Download the appropriate package for your distribution,
 :info:configure   or get the source tarball at
 :info:configure ./autogen.sh: line 189: automake-1.11: command not found
 :info:configure Major version might be too new (1.10.0)

 For context, this is the same basic problem as with libsecret:


 I enclose a patchfile for autogen.sh (untested) to show the fundamental
 problem, and as a first draft at a fix.  Apologies if it's with respect to
 the wrong directory.

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